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Turkey / Bayburt
BAYBURT University

Our country's youngest university , one of Bayburt University, 5765 Law No. 31 May 2008 has been established in the task , only students produce knowledge , sharing the benefit of society, responsible for delivering a live one as a leader to prepare , but also quality education , research and service programs of the region through people and the country 's social , cultural and economic conditions to develop.
Bayburt University, in education , in research and in service world-renowned community college to be one of the students' learning and personal development for the rare opportunities to provide regional and national people's quality of life, responsibility for the development of a unified academic , different societies and student-centered research does not address aimed. Our university professor on the staff of 14 , 20 associate professors , 146 assistant professors, lecturers include a total of 465 . In addition, timely and streamlined administrative procedures in order to maintain the 220 administrative staff are on duty.